DDF Revolve Micro-Polisher: The Fast Track to Flawless Skin

It’s tough to keep up with the latest things that are #trending these days- colored denim, denim jackets, the semi-smoky eye, or the latest iPhone accessory (the Moshi Moshi handset-genius!).  Unfortunately ladies, one thing that will remain timeless is your skin.  Believe it or not, good skin is always in. No matter what your age, caring for your skin should always be a priority.  Most doctors agree that the best way to look and feel younger is to take care of your skin and eat a healthy diet. We all get lazy after a late night, but maintaining a consistent cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating routine can take years off your look and restore your natural glow.

The DDF Revolve 400x micro-polishing system can help you do just that! Thousands of women are using this and several dermatologists are recommending it because it provides at-home cleansing and refining that was previously only available through spa treatments or a physician’s office.

Courtesy of DDF.com

The system contains the micropolisher hand piece, two microderm exfoliator heads, one deep cleansing brush head, a tube of polishing crystals and AA batteries. The product claims to minimize the appearance of pores almost instantly and provide deep cleaning and exfoliation up to 8x better than using a scrub by itself.  A face cleanser is not included so you will have to use your own.  Having said that, your own cleanser with the deep cleansing brush action truly provides a “deep” clean.  You may think you had cleaned off all your makeup, but you’ll see the brush head absorb your foundation, powder, and post gym funk, leaving only smooth and clean skin behind. The device has two different speed settings-an added benefit because the slower setting allows you to use the cleansing brush everyday without making your face feel raw or over-scrubbed.

The microdermabrasion requires a bit more focus, but still very easy. The company advises against doing both deep cleansing and exfoliating with the microdermabrasion head on the same day. So if you’re going to exfoliate, its wise to wash your face without the deep cleanser brush.  The product claims to provide immediate improvement in skin tone, fine lines, skin clarity and brightness after just ONE microdermabrasion treatment. The claim of  just one treatment does not seem to be universally true. Realistically, after about the third time your skin truly appears brighter, tighter, and smoother. This may vary depending on what type of skin you started with. When the crystals are applied to the face you will feel a sudden warming sensation. Don’t worry ladies–it’s not the type that will make you want to pee in your pants! It’s a soothing and calming sensation that is the perfect prep right before you use the micropolisher to  slough off old and weathered skin.

The system rings up at around $100. This is a bit costly for a facial product, but depending on your budget a great investment. The kit can provide microdermabrasion, and deep cleaning, all from the comfort of your own home. It is probably wise to purchase this from a place that allows you to return it incase this just doesn’t do it for you.

The Bottom Line: Overall, this product provides a thorough cleanse, and eliminates dullness to leave your skin glowing, soft and smooth. Don’t forget to use a good moisturizer and SPF after using the micro-polishing system!