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The 4 Signs You May Be Diabetic
In case you missed my Sheknows column: When you hear the word “diabetes” you may think insulin injections, foot problems, and other symptoms that could never happen to you. Unfortunately, many Americans are diabetic or pre-diabetic and may not even know it! Studies show that...
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Positive Thinking: No Time For Negative Nelly
These days times are tough. Bills, work, family…life. A lot of stress can not only take a toll on your body, but also your mind. Unfortunately, recent data suggests that negative thinking and attitudes can perpetuate depression and generally poor health. Here are a few...
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Good Fats: Friend or Foe? The Surprisingly Fatty Foods that Boost Weight Loss
Often times we are taught that fat is bad, but the reality is our bodies need fat to survive. Saturated fats tend to be the ones you want to limit because they are responsible for increasing cholesterol and creating inflammation in the body. Unsaturated fats,...
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