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Weekend Sabotage: Is Letting Loose Leading to Tighter Pants?

We all forget things sometimes. I forgot that Jessica Simpson is pregnant again, because it seems like it’s been a while. A long while. Did you forget that New Year’s resolution you made? For many of us, the weekend really sets us back when it comes to healthy eating and living.  Here are some ways to get back on track :

Fill Up during the day: Don’t starve the entire day and go wild at night. A simple way to avoid this is to eat small meals throughout the day with protein. You will stay full longer, and you won’t turn up at the party feeling famished. This way if you want to enjoy some more carbohydrate rich foods in the evening you haven’t deprived your body the entire day.

Vary your Alcohol Intake:  Consuming liquid calories can most certainly make the night entertaining, but often times we pay for these decisions for much longer. Alternate an alcoholic drink with sparkling water and lime, or unsweetened tea. This allows you to still drink socially and not go overboard on the calories. You will also stay hydrated and less likely to binge on other foods later.

Shrink your portions: Its easy to load up on everything that looks good. Consider eating only half of an item you want and try a few other things instead. This way you get a variety of tastes and you can sample everything.

Fix your plate with mostly veggies: Vegetables can fill you up and help you feel satisfied. As you add in some of the less healthy options, vegetables provide your body the fiber and minerals it needs to process the other foods more effectively. Avoid heavy sauces and dressings.

Don’t feel guilty: If you have generally been eating healthy and you splurge at a party, don’t worry about it! Start over the next day, and avoid guilt from the previous evening. Some research even suggests that having a “cheat day” can boost your metabolism and help you lose unwanted pounds quicker. Plan for an active day to help you burn off some of the other calories you may have consumed.

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