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Positive Thinking: No Time For Negative Nelly

These days times are tough. Bills, work, family…life. A lot of stress can not only take a toll on your body, but also your mind. Unfortunately, recent data suggests that negative thinking and attitudes can perpetuate depression and generally poor health. Here are a few ways to help you kick that negative thinking out the door:

Consider how fortunate you really are: Each day as you browse the web on expensive technology, or scramble to get to the office on time, thousands of Americans are without a job, or even food. Do you really consider how lucky you are? Taking a few moments everyday to look at all the great things you have in your life can leave you feeling uplifted, more productive, and generally happier.

Avoidance: We often cross paths with hundreds of people each week. Some are naturally more negative than others. It is often much easier to feed into negativity than set yourself apart. If you’ve identified a person that is frequently negative, try not to over indulge. This can be the difference between a great day and one that leaves you exhausted.

You’re Human: Everyone gets annoyed. Both people and things can create huge moments of annoyance. Allow yourself to be annoyed for two to five minutes. After this, make a concentrated effort to shift your attention to something else.

Ways to refocus: In some cases, it’s tough to re-focus. Finding an out that requires more detailed attention can be a great way of refocusing. Watch a movie, do a workout dvd or class, or work on a craft project that will help you to mentally shift gears.

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