Pregnancy Prep: Getting Your Body Bump Ready

Many women watch their belly grow and really let loose during pregnancy. Unfortunately, it’s no secret that excess weight gain during pregnancy can lead to gestational diabetes, elevated blood pressure, and skin changes that are difficult to reverse.  Here are some practical tips to avoid the bulge:

Get in shape before you get pregnant: Aim to reach an optimal weight for your height and body frame BEFORE you get pregnant. This will allow you to have more energy during and after pregnancy and help your body to bounce back faster.

Exercise regularly during pregnancy: Let’s be serious . Labor is no joke. That’s why it’s called “labor”, not “walk in the park”. If your body has the stamina to workout you will be ready for labor and can harness your energy and endorphins to push hard. Really hard.

Hydrate: Adequate hydration will boost circulation and prevent dehydration. Your skin can more easily stretch and will naturally bounce back without much damage. Dry skin, on the other hand is more prone to cracks and stretch marks leaving permanent scars and areas of sagging.

Strengthen your core: Focus part of your workout on your abdominal muscles. Later in pregnancy, back pain is extremely common as the body adapts to a growing bump. Strengthening the core muscles gives the lower back more support, while protecting against other injuries.